Values: The Eastern Observer, while continuously created every day, is built on a set of unchanging beliefs.

As a news organization, we value accuracy, fairness and freedom of speech.

As a staff, we value excellence, creativity, innovation and diversity.

As a company, we value our employees, our readers and our customers.

And as part of this community, we believe it is a privilege to participate in a unique daily exchange that strives for those enduring standards.

Our commitment to diversity: The Eastern Observer Publishing Company is committed to a diverse workplace that strengthens an appreciation, respect and understanding of our differences. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance that allows our collective values to reflect our community.

Who we are

A company with deep roots in the Eastern India, The Eastern Observer publishes not only The Eastern Observer, one of the Eastern India’s best regional newspapers, but also 2 twice-weekly newspapers offering community coverage in Siligudi, Malda, Durgapur and Medinipur.

The company offers comprehensive advertising services — digital services, display and classified advertising in the daily and community papers, market research and creative design, direct marketing, preprinted inserts and total market coverage.

The Eastern Observer is headquartered in Kolkata, India.